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Cassie Day

Founder & Trainer

Are you looking for someone to push you and hold you accountable at the gym?
Many people have come to me wanting to get in shape but don’t know where to start, are lost or confused at the gym, unsure if they’re using the correct form or bored of their workouts.  With the flexibility of my programs, we can address each of these issues in different ways allowing you to fully benefit from your time at the gym!

We all know the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle, but it can still be a challenge to commit to daily exercise. Living a healthy lifestyle at any age can be challenging with other things in life taking priority from work, to family, to cocktails with friends at the end of the day. However in the end, your personal health should be your number one priority as it allows you to properly perform in all other areas of your life. Working with a personal trainer benefits your training in many ways, one of which is helping you manage your time in the gym to be quick and effective. It can be easy to blow off the gym after a long day at work when you’re freestyling on your own time; but it’s much harder to justify missing an appointment with a personal trainer when you’ve already made the commitment – no excuses.

Brooke Enchin


Since childhood, I have been passionate about health and fitness. Like many children, I was constantly active- whether it was early morning dance class or school teams for any sport! Track and field was a definitive part of my passion for athletics. Once I moved out on my own I began to further understand the importance of keeping fit and providing my body with the proper nutrition it needs and deserves. I began to immerse myself into a healthy lifestyle and I want to empower my clients to take their bodies to their maximum potential so we can reach their physical goals. I love to blend traditional, proven techniques with new and exciting challenges in my workout plans. I believe in wholesome, nutritious food, I believe in respecting your mind and body, and most importantly I believe in the power of transforming your health and fitness routine into a sustainable lifestyle!

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